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Super 10 Growth Elixir is a unique proprietary blend of 18 vital herbs and ten 100% pure oils. Works great for alopecia, thinning, baldness, premature greying, hair loss, damaged edges and breakage. This product was formulated based on science, aryuverdic recipe and traditional african hair remedy. It is infused with hibiscus flowers handpicked for Guyana along with over a dozen other herbs. She is carefully curated for 100 days before being bottled . Made in small batches to guarantee freshness and efficacy. 


Super 10 Growth Elixir 4fl oz

SKU: 547333
  • For hair type 1A-2C Apply to scalp to tip for 45 minutes (covered) before shampooing.  2C-4C Apply to the affected areas /scalp and massage with fingertips for 2 minutes. Use daily or every other day for best results. Can be used as hot oil treatment.

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