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About Us

Napturality Lifestyle™ is a natural enthusiast playground for all things natural and cultural. This company was birthed on the concept of using what nature gave us to enhance our lifestyle choices. We are a lifestyle company offering cultural items, merchandise, men and women grooming products as well as items for children. Our founder has been a vegetarian and natural enthusiast for almost two decades. She has grown her dreadlocked hair for eleven years using ancient and traditional recipes that are based on Ayurvedic techniques and African remedies. After discovering an allergy to a common commercial ingredient in shampoo she began researching alternatives. With her chemistry background, she found ways of eliminating harmful chemicals from her self - care routine and it worked to promote healthy hair and glowing skin. Our mission is to embrace our culture and incorporate the simple ingredients found in nature, as well as to support sustainable natural producers around the world. Some of our ingredients are sourced from traditional growers in India, Guyana, Chad and Ghana.


Our Commitment

We are dedicated to presenting the best version of our company. We take health and sanitation personally. Our hand made products are made under the strictest hygiene conditions using UV –C light as a disinfectant where possible. We use medical grade biocide for our hard surfaces and items are handled with clean disposable gloves. Mask and hairnets are worn throughout to ensure no contamination occurs. More importantly, our products are made in small batches to ensure freshness and minimize batch contamination. We follow prescribed industry protocol.

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